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980Re: Patch for winpos

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  • Axel Kielhorn
    May 31 12:21 PM
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      At 19:29 Uhr -0400 2003-05-23, Benji Fisher wrote:
      >>Sorry, I can't generate Carbon code, my codewarrior is too old.
      >>But if someone can provide a carbon binary, I can test it on 8.6
      > Does that mean you can use a Carbon binary compiled on OS X?
      > --Benji Fisher

      In theory I can use a Carbon binary compiled on OS X. That was the
      whole point about Carbon.

      But since the OS X version is compiled for UNIX it does not work on MacOS 8.6.
      (Even after setting T/C to APPL/VIM!)

      BTW, MacOS didn't allow me to rename vimrc to .vimrc, I had to shell
      out to do that. Not a problem for me, but maybe for the average Mac

      Now with a green V in his dock:-)
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