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9728Re: Menubar hiding is in effect for non-fullscreened windows

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  • björn
    Jan 2, 2009
      2009/1/2 Nico Weber <nicolasweber@...>:
      >> > I like using macvim in fullscreen mode while I'm working on certain
      >> > projects, but this seems to cause non-fullscreened macvim windows to
      >> > also hide the menubar. This seems less than desirable when the non-
      >> > fullscreened window exists on a different space than the fullscreened
      >> > window. Bug?
      >> I hadn't noticed this before and it is a bit annoying. One idea would
      >> be to unhide the menu when a full-screen window loses focus and hide
      >> again once it regains focus. (Nico, do you have any better ideas?)
      > I primarily notice this when I have a fullscreen window in one space
      > and then switch spaces. As long as there's another MacVim window on
      > the other space, showing/hiding the menu based on focus changes should
      > do the trick in this case. Do you want me to do this, or do you want
      > to do it yourself?

      A patch sounds good...please. ;-)


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