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967Re: link errors: vim 6.2f on Mac OS X

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  • Benji Fisher
    May 28, 2003
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      Rain Dog wrote:
      > On Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 08:49 AM, MURAOKA Taro wrote:
      >> Try attached file. I have placed same one at:
      >> http://www.kaoriya.net/testdir/osx_buildset-6.2f.006.tar.bz2
      > Below is a tarball containing patches that address a few issues
      > with these files:

      Thanks for the patches. I have applied them and posted a new binary,
      again with minimal testing.

      > o infplist.diff patches infplist.xml to set CFBundleSignature
      > to "VIM!" (instead of its current, default value of "????")

      That is one of many things I did not test. I did a diff of the makefiles,
      but they were too different for me to figure out what was missing.

      > o Make_osx.diff applies the following patches:
      > - makes ICONV default to "no" (because os_macosx.c doesn't
      > seem to compile with ICONV enabled)

      That is what I find, too. It also seems that gettext depends on iconv.

      > - adds a target that builds the Contents/Resources/gvim.rsrc
      > file, which is needed for some of Vim.app's dialog boxes
      > [Benji: It looks like your latest binary suffers from the
      > inputdialog() crash because it lacks this file.]

      That is probably the best reason for me to update the binary.

      > - changes the creator code in Contents/PkgInfo to "VIM!"
      > - adds Python support, currently disabled (because if_python.c
      > appears to be incompatible (?) with Python 2.2).

      This does not work for me. I'll send you the error messages later (when I
      find time).

      > Finally, unrelated to the above, os_mac_h.diff patches os_mac.h
      > to prevent gcc from printing lots of "warning: trigraph ??' ignored"
      > messages. (The patch replaces #define UNKNOWN_CREATOR '????' with
      > #define UNKNOWN_CREATOR '\?\?\?\?'.)

      I noticed that warning, too. Can we make this little patch official?
      (IMHO we do not need to make the extended comment a permanent part of the code:
      just put that info in the patch description.)

      I do not have time now to put all the files on my web site. For now,
      anyone who wants to compile at home needs the extra files from Mraoka Taro, with
      Peter Cucka's patches recommended.

      Minor requests for make gurus:

      1. I think there is still a "6.0" in infplist.xml . I changed it by hand to
      "6.2f". IIUC, this file is processed by Make_osx.mak, so it should be possible
      to do this automatically. Can anyone fix this?

      2. The .rsrc file is distributed as a .hqx file. Can we add a rule for this?

      --Benji Fisher
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