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  • Steven Michalske
    Dec 13 1:46 PM
      On Dec 13, 2008, at 3:28 AM, björn wrote:

      >>> It would be great if you could work around these issues on Tiger (by
      >>> only making 128 icons unless compiled on Leopard). If you can't
      >>> then
      >>> I guess we'll have to add the .icns files to the repo. (?)
      >> I don't think this is a good idea: Every time we change the
      >> generation
      >> script, the repo grows a few MB. And every contributor has a local
      >> copy of the repo.
      > Yeah, I'd like to avoid this too.

      use a git subproject?
      then it could link to the latest copy and would not require a growing

      use a download?
      compiled resources don't always need to be in a source control

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