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  • björn
    Dec 13, 2008
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      2008/12/13 Nico Weber <nicolasweber@...>:
      >> It would be great if you could work around these issues on Tiger (by
      >> only making 128 icons unless compiled on Leopard). If you can't then
      >> I guess we'll have to add the .icns files to the repo. (?)
      > I don't think this is a good idea: Every time we change the generation
      > script, the repo grows a few MB. And every contributor has a local
      > copy of the repo.

      Yeah, I'd like to avoid this too.

      >What if I simply change the script to create
      > symlinks to the MacVim icon when it runs on Tiger? Then people
      > building on Tiger will have somewhat useless document icons, but that
      > sounds like the lesser of two evil.

      If there is nothing that you can use instead of pyobjc then I guess
      this is an ok compromise (anybody using Tiger who has an objection to
      this, please speak up). I can also put an archive with all the
      document icons on the project web page so that anybody on Tiger can
      download them manually if they so wish.

      The most important thing is that MacVim will build on Tiger without any hiccups.


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