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  • björn
    Dec 12, 2008
      2008/12/2 Nico Weber <nicolasweber@...>:
      >> The one-letter (and maybe two-letter) extensions could have icons
      >> similar to the XCode ones, but as for the rest I think there is not
      >> much we can do. Maybe we can experiment with this more later on?
      > Sounds good. Let's get the original, blurry version merged first.
      > After that, I'll prepare a patch for the "nice 32x32" version, and
      > when that is merged, I'll see if I have come up with nice 16x16 until
      > then.


      I've been trying to get the icon making stuff to work on Tiger and it
      is not entirely unproblematic.

      Problems with gettng 'makeicns' to compile:

      1. makeicns.m won't compile because of:
      i) use of Obj-C 2.0 iterators in getBitmapImageRepOfSize() (only one spot)
      ii) kIconServices512PixelDataARGB is not defined (can be found in
      2. can't link makeicns because Intel versions of libraries not present
      on PPC machines (ok if "-arch i386 is removed from the Makefile)

      I did get the program to compile&link after fixing those two things
      (that was the easy part).

      Problems with make_icons.py:

      1. I get this: "ImportError: No Module named Foundation". It seems
      that the Foundation module is 10.5 only...is there any way to work
      around this?

      I'm not very familiary with Python so I couldn't get this step to work at all.

      There is also a problem with 512 icons: the generic document icon does
      not come in 512x512 on Tiger (only 128x128 as you suspected) and I
      don't think the "IconFamily.m" module handles 512 icons on Tiger
      either (see line 390).

      It would be great if you could work around these issues on Tiger (by
      only making 128 icons unless compiled on Leopard). If you can't then
      I guess we'll have to add the .icns files to the repo. (?)


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