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9651Re: [PATCH] tweaking the size of the tabs

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  • björn
    Dec 11, 2008
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      2008/12/11 Jonathon Mah <me@...>:
      > On 2008-12-10, at 17:48, Sergio Acosta wrote:
      >> I had never noticed how other programs did it, but now that I saw it,
      >> it seems a good solution. I wouldn't mind seeing only the filename and
      >> not the path on the tab.
      > Seems reasonable. You motivated me enough to add support for
      > guitabtooltip, so this is possible. (Patch is attached.)

      Thanks for the patch Jonathon. I started looking at it and ended up
      cleaning it up a little bit:

      1. I had done some dubious coding with the conversion to utf8 in that
      I did not update the string size (or length) variable after conversion
      (and obviously the byte size may change after conversion) so I changed
      things around a bit (in MMBackend.m).

      2. I moved the tooltips from being stored inside a dictionary into the
      PSMTabBarCell class since it seemed cleaner.

      Finally, after playing around with it I noticed that with this patch
      the tooltips will always show -- even if the tooltip and tab label are
      identical and the label fits inside the tab. (Before the patch a
      tooltip would only appear if the tab was truncated [of course, there
      was no support for 'guitabtooltip' then].) I find this a bit
      annoying. Assuming you agree with me; do you think you can fix this?
      (I guess you have to check if the tooltip and label are identical and
      whether the label fits of not...which seems a bit contrived, but...)


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