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9646Re: tweaking the size of the tabs

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  • Matt Tolton
    Dec 10, 2008
      Actually I retract my vote for this. I just realized that I have my
      tab labels set to only show the filename. I don't think I'd be happy
      about seeing the end of the filename, rather than the beginning.
      Oops. :)

      On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 11:18 PM, Sergio Acosta <sergio.acosta@...> wrote:
      > On Dec 9, 2008, at 7:11 PM, Jonathon Mah wrote:
      >> Perhaps we need to make this a bit more complicated. It makes sense to
      >> truncate the left side of the path, but the start of the filename is
      >> generally the most important part. As a bit of a contrived example,
      >> consider two files open in the same directory (so no path bits are
      >> shown). With right-truncation of the filename, you'd see:
      >> employees_contr... | payroll_controll...
      >> But with left truncation, you'd likely see:
      >> ...s_controller.rb | ...ll_controller.rb
      >> So I think it might need some more smarts.
      > Consider how other editors handle tabs:
      > Both TextMate, BBEdit (and even Microsoft Visual Studio) always show
      > the full filename on the tab, no truncation, but also no directory
      > components.
      > That means:
      > - You cannot see the path until you hover the mouse over the tab, and
      > a tooltip is shown with the full file path.
      > - The tab sizes are different for each tab, and they depend on the
      > file name lenght, so the implementation could turn more complicated.
      > I had never noticed how other programs did it, but now that I saw it,
      > it seems a good solution. I wouldn't mind seeing only the filename and
      > not the path on the tab.
      > my 2 cents.
      > sergio
      > >

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