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  • björn
    Dec 2, 2008
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      2008/12/1 Nico Weber <nicolasweber@...>:
      > I think the 32x32 variant is still legible, so we're only talking
      > about 16x16 here.

      I like the newer 32x32 icons too...I find it easy to read the "VIM"
      written on them.

      > XCode's approach works fine with 1-char extensions (h, c), ok with 2-
      > char extensions (mm, rb, ...), not-so-great with three chars (e.g.
      > expfile.icns in the XCode bundle), not-at-all with 4-char extensions
      > (nasmfile.icns).
      >> If we want people to be able to tell the files that are associated
      >> with Vim from those associated with XCode, we can come up with a
      >> different graphical hint, such as a colored border--this is just the
      >> first idea that came to my mind:
      > Perhaps we could also put the green square behind the letters (with a
      > very low contrast). But: It's different from all other apps, and I
      > need a good suggestion how to handle document types with a long
      > extension that don't have an obvious shorter version ("Python" can
      > become "Py" without problems, but what about, say, "html", "xhtml",
      > "dylan", "fscript", "applescript").

      I can't think of any way to deal with the 16x16 icons in a consistent
      way so I suggest we simply put the green diamond (without the "V") on
      the 16x16 icon and leave out the extension. (Even the "V" is hard to
      distinguish at 16x16 which is why I think we should leave it out.)

      The one-letter (and maybe two-letter) extensions could have icons
      similar to the XCode ones, but as for the rest I think there is not
      much we can do. Maybe we can experiment with this more later on?


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