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  • Tobia Conforto
    Dec 1, 2008
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      björn wrote:
      > Finally, I really think we need to do something about the smaller
      > sized icons: they are completely illegible.

      I believe this is an important point.

      If you look at XCode's documen icons at 16x16 (screenshot below, to
      the left) you will see that you can tell at a glance whether the file
      is .C source code, .H header, or anything else of import. The large
      (relatively to the icon size) and colored text, "C" or "H", helps a lot.

      Larger icons can still use the Preview paradigm (blank paper + app
      icon + type text below) but IMHO the smaller icons should follow what
      XCode does.

      If we want people to be able to tell the files that are associated
      with Vim from those associated with XCode, we can come up with a
      different graphical hint, such as a colored border--this is just the
      first idea that came to my mind:

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