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959Re: link errors: vim 6.2f on Mac OS X

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    May 27, 2003
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      Taro Muraoka wrote:

      > Try attached file. I have placed same one at:
      > http://www.kaoriya.net/testdir/osx_buildset-6.2f.006.tar.bz2
      > Extract all files and set those in src directory and do:
      > $ make -f Make_osx.mak
      > I propose these files to be included in the release package, but is it
      > too late?

      It is quite late. Although including a few files probably won't hurt
      other systems, it seems we end up with an unorganized bunch of files for
      building the Mac versions. This is becoming a bit messy.

      At least the INSTALLmac.txt file would need to be updated to explain
      what all the files are for. For example, what make program is needed
      for this Make_osx.mak? And the file should give the casual user an idea
      of what version he will want to build.

      Perhaps it should be organized in sections for where you can run the
      produced Vim: OS 9, OS X native, OS X with X11, OS X in a terminal?
      Then make sub-sections for various compilers, if needed.

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