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956RE: link errors: vim 6.2f on Mac OS X

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  • Vince Negri
    May 27, 2003

      It appears that you just have ex_eval.c missing from the
      OS X makefile.


      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: Benji Fisher [SMTP:benji@...]
      > Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 4:30 PM
      > To: vim-dev@...; vim-mac@...
      > Subject: link errors: vim 6.2f on Mac OS X
      > Vim-dev and Vim-mac:
      > I apologize for the cross-posting, but I think this is the best hope
      > for
      > solving this before the release of vim 6.2. I tried to compile vim 6.2f
      > on Mac
      > OS X and I got the following linking errors below. Judging from the names
      > of
      > the undefined symbols, I guess this has to do with the try/catch
      > mechanism. Any
      > suggestions? If I am right, how do I compile without try/catch?
      > --Benji Fisher
      > cc -lncurses -framework Carbon ObjX_UNIX/buffer.o ObjX_UNIX/charset.o
      > ObjX_UNIX/diff.o ObjX_UNIX/digraph.o ObjX_UNIX/edit.o ObjX_UNIX/eval.o
      > ObjX_UNIX/ex_cmds.o ObjX_UNIX/ex_cmds2.o ObjX_UNIX/ex_docmd.o
      > ObjX_UNIX/ex_getln.o ObjX_UNIX/fileio.o ObjX_UNIX/fold.o
      > ObjX_UNIX/getchar.o
      > ObjX_UNIX/gui_mac.o ObjX_UNIX/gui.o ObjX_UNIX/main.o ObjX_UNIX/mark.o
      > ObjX_UNIX/memfile.o ObjX_UNIX/memline.o ObjX_UNIX/menu.o
      > ObjX_UNIX/message.o
      > ObjX_UNIX/misc1.o ObjX_UNIX/misc2.o ObjX_UNIX/move.o ObjX_UNIX/mbyte.o
      > ObjX_UNIX/normal.o ObjX_UNIX/ops.o ObjX_UNIX/option.o
      > ObjX_UNIX/os_macosx.o
      > ObjX_UNIX/pathdef.o ObjX_UNIX/pty.o ObjX_UNIX/quickfix.o
      > ObjX_UNIX/regexp.o
      > ObjX_UNIX/screen.o ObjX_UNIX/search.o ObjX_UNIX/syntax.o ObjX_UNIX/tag.o
      > ObjX_UNIX/term.o ObjX_UNIX/ui.o ObjX_UNIX/undo.o ObjX_UNIX/version.o
      > ObjX_UNIX/window.o -o Vim.x_unix
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