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9403Re: building in python2.5 support

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  • björn
    Nov 12, 2008
      2008/11/12 Kevin Watters <kevinwatters@...>:
      > So my newly built macvim with
      > --enable-multibyte \

      Mulitbyte is implied by --enable-gui=macvim so you can leave it out.

      > --enable-fontset \

      This is not supported so leave it out.

      > is up an running...I made sure to close my non-dev MacVim. But in the
      > dev build the fonts are all wacky, and there's no items in the menubar
      > other than the mac supplied "Window" and whatever. No "Preferences"
      > option for instance. Then I noticed in Apple-Tab that there was
      > another MacVim icon...when I select that one, there /is/ a menubar
      > with items, but no windows.
      > Then I followed the instructions on http://code.google.com/p/macvim/wiki/Building
      > and changed CFBundleIdentifier in Info.plist to MacVimDevel and reran
      > xcodebuild...but still the same result.
      > Anyone have any ideas?

      This sounds like some problem with the Vim binary. Try to rebuild
      first, i.e. in src/ type "make clean; make", then "cd MacVim" followed
      by "xcodebuild clean" and finally "xcodebuild". When it finishes
      building, type "open build/Release/MacVim.app".

      If that does not work, please do the following:

      1. After "make" (and still in the src/ directory), type "./Vim",
      you'll get a few errors which you can ignore, once in Vim type ":ver"
      and let me know what it says.

      2. Are there any errors logged to the console? Open up Console.app to find out.


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