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94Re: runtime archive files - conversion necessary?

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  • Sven Guckes
    Aug 8, 2000
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      * Benji Fisher <fisherbb@...> [000628 13:27]:
      > I have not tested this recently, but IIRC the only file that
      > matters is the tags file, which should be in Mac format.
      > In older versions of vim (around 5.3, when i started using it)
      > any file that was :sourced had to be in UNIX format,
      > but that has been fixed.

      I wonder - can it be fixed that the format of the
      tags file has to be in DOS/Mac/Unix format?

      If so then there would be no need to convert any files
      and there would be no need for extra runtime archives.

      Please keepin mind that this will make it
      just more complicated for the database
      used to download Vim and the runtime files:

      Download Vim:
      what: [Archive] (binary/runtime/source)
      for: [Operating System] (Windows*, Linux, FreeBSD,...)
      from: [Mirror] (ftp.country.vim.org)

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