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9397Re: building in python2.5 support

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  • Kevin Watters
    Nov 10, 2008
      kevins-macbook:vim7 kevin$ ./configure --enable-gui=macvim; make

      results in

      sh: /Users/kevin/src/vim7/src/auto/osdef.sh: No such file or directory
      make[1]: *** [auto/osdef.h] Error 127
      make: *** [first] Error 2

      "make reconfig" after that did work, though. Weird that that is

      Thanks for the help guys.

      On Nov 10, 3:47 am, "björn" <bjorn.winck...@...> wrote:
      > 2008/11/10 Kevin Watters <kevinwatt...@...>:
      > > I'm interested in Python 2.5 support. These instructions don't work
      > > for me on Leopard--
      > > /configure --enable-perlinterp --enable-pyttyhoninterp --enable-
      > > rubyinterp --enable-cscope --enable-gui=macvim --with-mac-arch=intel --
      > > with-features=huge
      > Another thing to try (apart from Ben's suggestions) is to do a minimal
      > configure, i.e. start with
      > ./configure --enable-gui=macvim
      > and add flags one at a time to see which flag causes the error (or let
      > us know if it appears even with that one flag only).  In particular,
      > the --with-mac-arch=intel flag should be left out as I'm pretty sure
      > it has caused problems in the past (the build is native by default, so
      > unless you are building a universal binary or are cross-compiling you
      > should not use that flag).
      > It has been reported on the Building wiki that it can be necessary to
      > make reconfig
      > before building as well.  Does that help?
      > Björn
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