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936Re: [Fwd: Mac OS 9 as a drop target]

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  • Ben Fowler
    Apr 26, 2003
      At 9:47 am +0100 2003-04-26, Robin Becker wrote:
      >In message <a05111b00bacdc24939f6@[]>, Axel Kielhorn
      ><A.Kielhorn@...> writes
      >>At 10:58 Uhr -0400 2003-04-23, Benji Fisher wrote:
      >>> Can anyone answer this question about the Classic version?
      >>> --Benji Fisher
      >Hi I got the binary at
      > http://macvim.swdev.org/MacClassic/files/Vim6.1.263bin.sea
      >which was recommended by vim.sf.net
      >I am a complete Mac newbie and don't yet understand even the most basic
      >concepts. I tried to follow the file system layout that was suggested
      >and clicking on the desktop alias brings up vim.
      >I can't drop my .py/.c files on the alias and have it edit them. I guess
      >that this is probably some registration type problem, but don't know how
      >to do anything about it.
      >>>-------- Original Message --------
      >>>Subject: Mac OS 9 as a drop target
      >>>Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 09:11:55 +0100
      >>>From: Robin Becker <robin@...>
      >>>To: vim@...
      >>>I was surprised to find that the ppc Vim 6.1 doesn't seem to act as a
      >>>drop target under Mac OS 9. Is there some magic I've missed in setting
      >>>VIM up?
      >>Where did you get the Vim 6.1 binary? How did you compile it?
      >>My version is a drop target. I can drop everything on it.
      >>In the SIZE rsrc you have to enable "High level event aware"
      > >In the DNDL rsrc you need a resource with the signature VIM! and the

      ... BNDL ...

      > >following entries:
      > >The third is responsible for accepting drops of anything.

      But these resources should be set like that out of the box.

      (and it is the FREF resource ...)

      I downloaded the archive quoted and found that it worked,
      and that the act of unstuffing it made my earlier version

      I suspect that my Desktop Database was previously faulty.

      Normally, restarting the Mac is sufficient for to fix up
      BNDL problems, but you might want to rebuild the Desktop
      on the disk containing Vim, using standard methods such as
      TechTool. e.g. <URL: http://www.micromat.com/tt_lite/tt_lite.html >
      and 1299 other pages from Google.

      BTW, the string in the Owner resource (VIM!) is somewhat

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