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935Re: [Fwd: Mac OS 9 as a drop target]

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  • Robin Becker
    Apr 26, 2003
      In message <a05111b00bacdc24939f6@[]>, Axel Kielhorn
      <A.Kielhorn@...> writes
      >At 10:58 Uhr -0400 2003-04-23, Benji Fisher wrote:
      >> Can anyone answer this question about the Classic version?
      >> --Benji Fisher
      Hi I got the binary at
      which was recommended by vim.sf.net

      I am a complete Mac newbie and don't yet understand even the most basic
      concepts. I tried to follow the file system layout that was suggested
      and clicking on the desktop alias brings up vim.

      I can't drop my .py/.c files on the alias and have it edit them. I guess
      that this is probably some registration type problem, but don't know how
      to do anything about it.

      >>-------- Original Message --------
      >>Subject: Mac OS 9 as a drop target
      >>Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 09:11:55 +0100
      >>From: Robin Becker <robin@...>
      >>To: vim@...
      >>I was surprised to find that the ppc Vim 6.1 doesn't seem to act as a
      >>drop target under Mac OS 9. Is there some magic I've missed in setting
      >>VIM up?
      >Where did you get the Vim 6.1 binary? How did you compile it?
      >My version is a drop target. I can drop everything on it.
      >In the SIZE rsrc you have to enable "High level event aware"
      >In the DNDL rsrc you need a resource with the signature VIM! and the
      >following entries:
      >The third is responsable for accepting drops of anything.

      Robin Becker
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