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927Re: [Fwd: Mac OS 9 as a drop target]

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  • Robin Becker
    Apr 23, 2003
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      In message <f0433010dbacc5db46e81@[]>, Ben Fowler
      <bfowler@...> writes
      >At 10:58 am -0400 2003-04-23, Benji Fisher wrote:

      Thanks for the pointers. I am a complete newbie to the Mac and OS 9
      looks like a really primitive architecture to me. I really miss a
      command line. We have dual boot on this machine so perhaps I should be
      using OS 10 with a compatibility box.

      >> Can anyone answer this question about the Classic version?
      >> --Benji Fisher
      >>[ ... ]
      >>I was surprised to find that the ppc Vim 6.1 doesn't seem to act as a
      >>drop target under Mac OS 9. Is there some magic I've missed in setting
      >>VIM up?
      >I am not up to speed on Classic Vim. It is something that I have been meaning
      >to do as a New Year resolution this year, but haven't quite got round to.
      >As with so many things, I am more likely to finish my migration to
      >Mac OS X.
      >I have a Vim version 5.7 compiled by me in October 2000, and it acts as
      >a 'drop target' for files with the VIM! creator such as 'vim.vim' that
      >comes witht he distribution, but not text files in general.
      >I would assume until you learn better that this is not going
      >be a simple matter to get to work.
      >(You may get better, and certainly more recent advice from someone on
      >the Mac mailing list <URL: http://vim.sourceforge.net/maillist.php >
      >who deals with the Classic Mac on a more regular basis).
      >If this is a problem with the desktop database, a simple restart should
      >fix it.
      >Otherwise, you may need to open your binary's resource fork with
      >an editor such as Resourcer, <URL: http://vim.sourceforge.net/maillist.php >
      >and check the resources of of type BNDL, FREF, open, pref et cetera.

      Robin Becker
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