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92Re: removing control characters

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  • Benji Fisher
    Aug 4, 2000
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      Robert Link wrote:
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      > I want to take an old MSWord file, open it in vimppc, and zap all
      > control characters, leaving me alpha-num-punctuation; here's what I
      > thought should work:
      > :%s/[[:cntrl:]]//g
      > This nets me a warning, "Pattern not found: [[:cntrl:]]"
      > All help appreciated, backchannel is just fine. Thanks!!
      > - --
      > Robert Link

      I find the same problem, even after adding <C-X> and <C-C> to my
      file. Maybe you and I do not understand what is meant by control
      characters, or maybe it is a bug. I get the same behavior under linux.

      Why not try




      Maybe the first: I do not know whether control characters count as
      "printable," but <Tab> does not. BTW, <Tab> is really <C-I>; you might
      want to keep those.

      HTH --Benji Fisher
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