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916yet another new binary for OSX

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  • Benji Fisher
    Apr 5, 2003
      Sorry, I goofed. Details below for the curious. Short version:
      in the version just uploaded (6.1.435) I no longer try to set the
      'fileformats' option from the system vimrc file. If you need to edit
      old-style Mac files, add

      :set ffs+=mac

      to your personal vimrc file.

      The new version contains a few more official patches. I did not
      include the patch to avoid the "Hit ENTER" prompt, since I want to test
      whether this is related to some other problems.

      I uploaded new versions of Make_osx.mak (to set the creator code
      to "VIM!") and mbyte.diff (to be compatible with recent official
      patches). As usual, the place for all this is


      --Benji Fisher


      When the system vimrc is read, vim is in 'compatible' mode, and
      'fileformats' is set to its vi default (empty). After

      :set ffs+=mac

      it is set to "mac". If 'nocompatible' is later set (e.g., because Vim
      finds a user vimrc file) then, since this option has already been
      modified, it never gets set to its vim default of "unix,dos". I
      should'a known better!
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