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9158Re: space and shift space

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  • björn
    Oct 2, 2008
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      Hi Bee,

      2008/10/2 Bee <200309@...>:
      > In my vimrc I mapped space to pagedown, like a web browser, because
      > this is a Mac laptop without dedicated pageup/pagedown keys.
      > I would also like shift+space to do a pageup but have been unable
      > to get the nmap to work. Any idea how to do it?
      > As a workaround I mapped tab to pageup, and that is not bad.
      > " space as pagedown like web browser
      > :nmap <space> <pagedown>
      > :nmap <tab> <pageup>

      :nmap <S-Space> <pageup>

      works for me.


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