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9143Re: Does MacVim drop characters?

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  • Jonathon Mah
    Oct 1, 2008
      Hi Björn,

      On 2008-10-02, at 01:16, björn wrote:

      > The only thing I can think of right now that may work is to drop
      > keyboard input if it comes from a repeated press (i.e. holding down
      > "j"), but not when it represent a single key press. I'm going to try
      > that now and see how it goes.

      That sounds like you'd be implementing that behavior on the back-end.
      How would that handle the case of repeating a key, and then pressing
      another key?

      I think of keyboard repeat as a "non-deterministic" thing; that is, it
      requires feedback (audio/visual) to be useful. So any time the screen
      gets out of sync with keyboard repeat is a bad thing. I'd recommend
      having the back-end process check in with the front-end when it's done
      processing its command queue, and then have the front-end implement
      keyboard repeat internally.

      The back-end would need to send back the last key it processed,
      otherwise there could be a race condition.

      That is,
      1. Front-end gets key presses, "hi.<esc>j" ('j' is held down by the
      user). Saves time of last key press.
      2. Front-end posts those keys to the back-end ('j' only once)
      3. Back-end processes queue, sends back EmptiedInputQueueEndingWith('j')
      4. Front-end gets message, sees that 'j' is still held down. If time
      of last key press < repeat interval, then start a timer waiting until
      it is.
      5. Now it's past the key repeat interval. If the key is still down,
      send one 'j' to the back-end, sets "repeating" status.
      6. Back-end processes key, sends back EmptiedInputQueueEndingWith
      7. Front-end gets message. If time of last key message < key repeat
      rate, start a timer. Loop to 5.

      It's fairly convoluted, but it seems like the most desirable behavior
      to me. You'd have to be careful doing repeat with modifiers, too. What
      do you think?

      Key repeat rates (in ticks, 1/60 sec):
      [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] integerForKey:@"KeyRepeat"]
      [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]

      Is an event a key repeat? -[NSEvent isARepeat]

      Jonathon Mah

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