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9138Re: Does MacVim drop characters?

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  • Ted Pavlic
    Oct 1, 2008
      I have noticed the same problem. It is something specific to snapshot
      35. Things have gotten WAY worse since I've updated.


      Nico Weber wrote:
      > Hi,
      > when I'm editing a large markdown file, MacVim gets really sluggish at
      > times (that's the fault of my markdown syntax file, ordinary vim also
      > gets really sluggish). Sometimes, I type faster than the screen
      > updates for a few seconds and the characters on screen only catch up
      > after I make a typing pause.
      > With MacVim Snapshot 35, I have the impression that severals of the
      > keys I type during the time MacVim catches up with the input simply
      > get dropped. For example, if I type in
      > "Let's see if MacVim drops characters if I type fast."
      > I actually get
      > "Let's see if MacVim drops characters if I typ fst."
      > Did my typing skills get worse, or does MacVim drop keystrokes since
      > snapshot 35?
      > Nico
      > >

      Ted Pavlic <ted@...>

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