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8973some new fuoptions?

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  • Pavel
    Aug 31, 2008

      I find fullscreen mode very useful, but its current implementation
      missing a few options:

      - scrollbars (or macscrollbars/textscrollbars/noscrollbars)
      Possibility to hide/show, or (ideally) also to use xterm-like
      looking grey scrollbar. With dark background and a narrow text collumn
      they are really ugly and stand out way too much.
      - mactabs/vimtabs
      Switch cocoa and plain vim (terminal-like) tabs. Again, Cocoa
      elements look alien in full screen, especially with dark bg.
      - width/height:<number>

      It is probably not a simple task to make the Cocoa GUI elements blend
      in with terminal-looking fullscreen mode and still retain their
      functionality. But even simply hiding them would be a big improvement
      for me.

      What do you think?
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