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877Re: vim 6.1 - mac 10.2.3 - X11 0.2.1 - color syntax: not working

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  • Anthony Hodsdon
    Feb 20, 2003
      I believe you have to set your TERM environment variable correctly. Try

      export TERM="xterm-color" (if you're using sh or bash)
      set TERM = xterm-color (using csh or tcsh)

      Hope that helps.

      --Anthony Hodsdon

      On Thursday, February 20, 2003, at 05:09 PM, Scott Goodwin wrote:

      > Hi,
      > I've compiled vim 6.1 sources on Mac OS 10.2.3; also compiled the
      > current vim CVS code. The vim binary does not do syntax highlighting
      > inside an xterm started by X11 on the Mac.
      > I have this (and only this) in my .vimrc file:
      > set nocompatible
      > syntax on
      > set hlsearch
      > I checked the access time of the .vimrc file and it is being read by
      > vim.
      > Even doing the following inside of vim doesn't make it work:
      > :set term=xterm
      > :syntax on
      > So, I tried some experiments:
      > If I ssh from the Mac xterm to a Linux box, and then start vim on the
      > linux box inside of the Mac xterm , it does syntax highlighting just
      > fine. This would lead me to believe that it's vim on the Mac that is
      > at fault.
      > But wait...
      > If I open an xterm window from the linux box onto the Mac, and then
      > ssh from inside that xterm back into the Mac and start vim running on
      > the Mac, syntax highlighting works fine. This would lead me to believe
      > that it's vim that is at fault.
      > Very strange.
      > Summary: vim on the Mac does syntax highlighting as long as the xterm
      > comes from another box and you've logged back into the Mac from inside
      > that xterm. And vim from another box does syntax highlighting inside
      > of a Mac xterm. But vim on the Mac inside of a Mac xterm doesn't work.
      > Can anyone shed some color on this problem?
      > thanks,
      > /s.
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