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876vim 6.1 - mac 10.2.3 - X11 0.2.1 - color syntax: not working

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  • Scott Goodwin
    Feb 20, 2003

      I've compiled vim 6.1 sources on Mac OS 10.2.3; also compiled the
      current vim CVS code. The vim binary does not do syntax highlighting
      inside an xterm started by X11 on the Mac.

      I have this (and only this) in my .vimrc file:

      set nocompatible
      syntax on
      set hlsearch

      I checked the access time of the .vimrc file and it is being read by
      Even doing the following inside of vim doesn't make it work:

      :set term=xterm
      :syntax on

      So, I tried some experiments:

      If I ssh from the Mac xterm to a Linux box, and then start vim on the
      linux box inside of the Mac xterm , it does syntax highlighting just
      fine. This would lead me to believe that it's vim on the Mac that is at

      But wait...

      If I open an xterm window from the linux box onto the Mac, and then ssh
      from inside that xterm back into the Mac and start vim running on the
      Mac, syntax highlighting works fine. This would lead me to believe that
      it's vim that is at fault.

      Very strange.

      Summary: vim on the Mac does syntax highlighting as long as the xterm
      comes from another box and you've logged back into the Mac from inside
      that xterm. And vim from another box does syntax highlighting inside of
      a Mac xterm. But vim on the Mac inside of a Mac xterm doesn't work.

      Can anyone shed some color on this problem?


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