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8750Re: 'mvim' problem

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  • clarkbai
    Aug 4, 2008
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      Thank you very much, Nico.
      All the things are done. MacVim- -!
      Long way to go....

      Kind regards.

      On Aug 4, 9:10 pm, Nico Weber <nicolaswe...@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > On 04.08.2008, at 16:42, clarkbai wrote:
      > > When I try to open a .tex file, it shows a attention window:
      > > 'Swap file' "xxxxxxx" already exists.
      > > even when I open ~\.vimrc.
      > > Anyone can tell me why.
      > this is usually because the file is already open in another vim window.
      > If the dialog shows a "Delete it" option, simply click that.
      > Otherwise, another vim instance (possibly another MacVim window) still  
      > has that file opened. You can open Activity Monitor and search for  
      > processes called "vim". There will be one for each MacVim window (and  
      > more, if you have some vims running in a terminal). Close all MacVim  
      > windows and then re-open the file. Now, the dialog should be gone (or  
      > at least offer a "Delete it" option for the swap file).
      > HTH,
      > Nico
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