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8748Re: 'mvim' problem

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  • Nico Weber
    Aug 4, 2008

      On 04.08.2008, at 14:41, clarkbai wrote:

      > So, the path '~/vim' still means the one in macvim package?
      > or others?
      > I create a '~/bin' file in my homedirectory and copy mvim into it.

      No, ~ is unix-speak for your home directory. In your case, ~ means /
      Users/bc (and terminal.app automatically replaces ~ with your home
      directory). So ~/.vim means the directory called ".vim" in your home
      directory. You can create it in the terminal with

      mkdir ~/.vim

      Then, in Finder, you can hit ⌘⇧G, followed by ~/.vim to see the new
      directory in the Finder (the Finder hides files whose names start with
      a dot by default).

      > but---dyn1212-200:~ bp$ mvim ~/.vimrc
      > -bash: mvim: command not found

      As I said, you need to copy mvim to /usr/local/bin or to /usr/bin (/
      usr is by default hidden in Finder too -- if you want to copy mvim
      with the Finder, you need to hit ⌘⇧G as well and then enter /usr).

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