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8737Re: 'mvim' problem

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  • Robin
    Aug 4, 2008
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      In UNIX "~/" is just a shortcut to get to your users home directory.

      There are two vimrc files - the standard one inside the macvim package
      which you shouldn't change, and an (optional) .vimrc in your home
      directory (/Users/bp) which is often referred to as ~/.vimrc.

      ~/bin is a folder a lot of people use for putting personal things they
      want on the path. The important thing is it should be a folder not a
      file, and it should be on your path. In this case the simplest thing
      to do is probably to delete ~/bin or /Users/bc/bin (both refer to the
      same file - I am just trying to get across the meaning of the ~). Then
      just copy 'mvim' to /usr/local/bin. You can do this in the Finder if
      you are having trouble with the command line. This directory is
      already on your path so you should then be able to run mvim to edit or
      create a .vimrc as required.

      On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 1:41 PM, clarkbai <clarkbai@...> wrote:
      > So, the path '~/vim' still means the one in macvim package?
      > or others?

      I don't think anyone has references a ~/vim. ~/ is your home directory
      so ~/vim would be a file called vim in your home directory.
      When people say ~/.vimrc they mean the file /Users/bc/.vimrc which is
      your personal copy not in the macvim pacakge.

      > I create a '~/bin' file in my homedirectory and copy mvim into it.

      See above - must be a folder not a directory, and besides ~/bin isn't
      on your path anyway.


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