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8725Re: 'mvim' problem

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  • clarkbai
    Aug 4, 2008
      my .vimrc path is :
      " System vimrc file for MacVim
      " Maintainer: Bjorn Winckler <bjorn.winckler@...>
      " Last Change: Sun May 25 2008

      set nocompatible

      " The default for 'backspace' is very confusing to new users, so
      change it to a
      " more sensible value. Add "set backspace&" to your ~/.vimrc to reset
      set backspace+=indent,eol,start

      """set highlight search""""
      set hlsearch
      " REQUIRED. This makes vim invoke latex-suite when you open a tex
      filetype plugin on

      " IMPORTANT: win32 users will need to have 'shellslash' set so that
      " can be called correctly.
      set shellslash

      " IMPORTANT: grep will sometimes skip displaying the file name if you
      " search in a singe file. This will confuse latex-suite. Set your grep
      " program to alway generate a file-name.
      set grepprg=grep\ -nH\ $*

      " OPTIONAL: This enables automatic indentation as you type.
      filetype indent on
      let g:tex_flavor='latex'

      and path is /Applications/MacVim.app/Contents/Resources/vim/vimrc

      Any problem?



      On Aug 4, 11:36 am, Nico Weber <nicolaswe...@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > On 04.08.2008, at 00:45, clarkbai wrote:
      > > In addition, double click seems "Error detected while processing /
      > > Users/bp/.vimrc:
      > > line    1:
      > > E492: Not an editor command: vxvx
      > > "
      > > What is the correct path for .vimrc??
      > It looks like your .vimrc is at its correct path, but it contains  
      > garbage. What's the content of your ~/.vimrc?
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