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8720Re: 'mvim' problem

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  • Ben Schmidt
    Aug 3, 2008
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      clarkbai wrote:
      > Hey, guys. I copy the mvim into the Path '~\bin', but in terminal :'-
      > bash: mvim: command not found'.
      > I guess that is why my pdfsync can not used.
      > I have opened the option in preference about shell.

      I suppose this isn't a Vim problem but a $PATH problem generally.

      Where do set your $PATH (to include ~/bin)? It should be set in
      ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bash_login or ~/.profile (and you probably should
      only have one of those, as bash will only read the first one it
      finds--the most common one to use is ~/.profile).

      You should NOT set it in ~/.bashrc which is used for interactive
      non-login shells, or ssh non-interactive logins (why this horrible
      inconsistency, I don't know, but bash is really strange...). (If you do
      need a different path for non-interactive ssh logins you will have to do
      some jiggerypokery...)

      The simple solution is probably to add this to your ~/.profile file (create that
      file if necessary):

      export PATH=$PATH:~/bin

      and if you had something similar in ~/.bashrc, remove it.


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