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8699Re: Installing xmledit

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  • Bill K.
    Aug 1 11:34 AM
      On Aug 1, 6:32 am, Ben Schmidt <mail_ben_schm...@...> wrote:
      > > Why aren't files in my home ftplugin directory being loaded?
      > does it say plugin:ON?

      Okay, I think that was the problem. I had checked this before, and it
      did say ON, but I guess it was activating it after it had a chance to
      scan my local directory. Anyway, after I put "filetype plugin on" in
      my ~/.vimrc, it's working.

      Now I have the key mappings from xmledit. For example, "\%" can be
      used to jump to a matching XML tag, and when I close an XML tag, it
      auto-completes, inserting the closing tag. Woo hoo!

      Many thanks for the troubleshooting help.

      Bill Karwin
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