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868Re: new vim binary for OS X (Jaguar)

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  • Benji Fisher
    Feb 14, 2003
      Jason Alexander wrote:
      > In the new binary, if I set the font to be Monaco (regular) at 12pt, the
      > display looks rather different from my terminal window, which also has
      > the font set to be Monaco (regular) at 12pt. The fonts in the terminal
      > window are less ugly and a bit thicker, making them easier to read.
      > What accounts for the difference in the two displays, and is it possible
      > to get the displayed fonts in vim to match the appearance of those same
      > fonts in the Terminal?

      This is probably because Vim uses the older Quicktime rendering
      instead of Quartz. Peter Cucka is working on enabling Quartz in Vim.

      --Benji Fisher
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