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8665Re: Feature Request: copy from vim, paste to Cocoa app: Would like menu option to 'Copy with Attributes'

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  • E. Wing
    Jul 28, 2008
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      > Like only being able to copy what's currently in view perhaps?

      That reminds me, I have a lot of problems mouse-selecting a large body
      of text. First, I seem to have inconsistent problems with the scroll
      speed as I try to drag-select off the top or bottom edge to get more
      text. Sometimes it's really slow.

      Second, I notice that the cursor position in the editor seems to alter
      my selection if I scroll forward or back using the scrollbar or
      scrollwheel. For example, if I drag-select text downward so a full
      page is highlighted and then I let go of the mouse-button. The cursor
      is at the very bottom of the text. Then while the text is still
      highlighted, if I scroll up with the scrollbar or scrollwheel, the
      cursor moves upward as to not fall off the page. As it does so, it
      starts un-highlighting all the text that fell off the bottom of the
      page. Conversely, if I scroll down several pages, the cursor gets
      stuck at the top of the page and gets pushed down to not fall off the
      screen and increases the highlight.

      Is there a way to avoid this change in selection? (Maybe the question
      needs to be, how do I prevent the cursor from moving on scroll if the
      two events aren't separable.)

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