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85Re: Multibyte vim 5.7 for Macintosh available

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  • Kenichi Asai
    Jun 28, 2000
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      Dear MacVim developpers,

      Eugene Lee wrote:
      >I went to your site and tried to download your 5.7 binaries. However,
      >none of the links to the binaries worked. I didn't know if there was
      >some strange problem with the web server, or maybe the filenames are

      Sorry for this and thank you for pointing this out. I forgot to
      insert a directory name in the file path. I think you can get them

      # If you could successfully use your language (Hangul?), I can include
      # that information together with necessary options.

      Bram wrote:
      >> - In src/INSTALL_mac.txt, it should have the name `os_mac.cw5.hqx' but
      >> actually it is `os_mac.cw5.sit.hqx'.
      >I think the difference is that the ".sit" file is compressed. It is about 28
      >Kbyte, while your file is about 143 Kbyte. I would like to include your
      >improved version (if others agree) but preferably in the compressed version.

      I prepared a compressed version which is available at:


      You can either

      - change its name to os_mac.cw5.hqx, or

      - change its name to os_mac.cw5.sit.hqx and change src/INSTALL_mac.txt

      Both should work fine.

      >I have trouble downloaing this file with Netscape, it insists on decoding it
      >and I can't find how to disable that...

      Select Preferences from the Edit menu, click Applications under
      Navigator folder, find "Macintosh Binhex Archive", click Edit, and
      select "Save To Disk". This is how I did it with my Netscape
      Communicator 4.6.


      Kenichi Asai
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