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847Re: No CTRL_^ with german keyboard on 10.2.3

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  • Markus Fischer
    Feb 6, 2003
      Am Donnerstag, 06.02.03 um 13:04 Uhr schrieb Dirk Zimmermann:

      >> It doesnt work in Terminal, even when i switch the keyboard layout to
      >> US.
      > That is a little bit strange. I guess you know, that ^ is placed on the
      > 6 key at US keyboard. Which terminal version do you use?

      The Ctrl-Shift-6 key works, ok, i tried the same key...
      Its the same version, i call it from the Resources folder in
      I have another version (from fink) installed, same behaviour, US
      Keymapping works.

      Both versions called in xterm from the Apple X11 Beta work with Ctrl-6,
      but i have a
      .Xmodmap(downloaded somewhere) for that.

      Mit freundlichem Gruss

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