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845Re: No CTRL_^ with german keyboard on 10.2.3

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  • Dirk Zimmermann
    Feb 6, 2003

      * Markus Fischer <fischer@...> [2003-02-06 12:36]:
      > Works fine with Carbon gvim (6.1.317 'official' binary) here, both on a
      > Powerbook and a PM G4 with a Pro Keyboard.

      Yes here too, but I like/need the teminal version as well.

      > It doesnt work in Terminal, even when i switch the keyboard layout to
      > US.

      That is a little bit strange. I guess you know, that ^ is placed on the
      6 key at US keyboard. Which terminal version do you use?

      Thanks so far,

      The difference between theory and practice is that in theory is no
      difference between theory and practice but in practice there is.
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