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8362Re: Command-mode tab completion doesn't work, produces "^I" output

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  • Nico Weber
    Jul 3 2:25 PM
      > Unfortunately, no. My previous setting was "set nocompatible". As I
      > said in my previous post, "set compatible" allowed me to tab-complete
      > commands, but not filesystem paths.

      Strange. Does it work if you launch MacVim with `mvim -u NONE -U NONE -
      N` (that tells it to skip your .vimrc, your .gvimrc, your plugins, but
      _does_ start MacVim in nocompatible mode)? If so, please post
      your .vimrc/.gvimrc files.

      Where do you try to complete file system paths? This only works in
      places where vim expects a file (e.g. behind `:e `). If you try it
      after e.g. `:echo` for testing, it won't work.


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