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  • Benji Fisher
    Jan 31, 2003
      I have finally found time to try out the latest patches:
      scroll.diff, quartz.diff, and fontpanel.diff . (I did not miss any, did
      I?) I have two technical requests:

      1. Please make patches from the vim61/ directory (or vim/ if you are
      using CVS) so that they refer to src/gui_mac.c etc.

      2. Please send patches as attachments.

      Rain Dog wrote:
      > On Monday, December 30, 2002, at 01:36 PM, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      >> Rain Dog wrote:
      >>> how about a patch that adds a font selection panel to Carbon Vim?
      >> Sounds like a very nice addition.
      >>> o Doesn't restrict the font selection to monospaced fonts.
      >>> There doesn't seem to be a way to do this using the
      >>> default Font Panel.
      >> That's disappointing, since the user will get himself into trouble when
      >> selecting a wrong font...

      Yes, big trouble.

      > I'll have another look, but I'm not too hopeful that this can be done
      > (that is,
      > that the default font panel can be customized to show only monospaced
      > fonts).
      > An alternative might be to ignore the command if the selected font is not
      > monospaced. That doesn't seem too user-friendly either, though.

      I will not use this patch in the binaries I distribute until there
      is some sort of solution to this problem. Instead of ignoring a
      variable-spaced font, can you give an error message (and leave 'gfn'

      >>> o After a font is selected, guifont remains set to "*".
      >> Ideally 'guifont' would be set to a font name that works the same way
      >> when setting it to this value manually. The Win32 code does this (with
      >> some extra work to add font attributes to 'guifont').
      > Ah, I see how to do it now--I wasn't sure how to safely set p_guifont.
      > Thanks for the pointer!
      > I'll post a new version of the patch once I've fixed this and made a few
      > other improvements.

      I have not yet compiled with the patches separately, so I cannot
      be sure where this problem cones from, but I suspect it is from one of
      the other patches (maybe quartz.diff). When I enter


      the "Hit ENTER" prompt gets messed up: the word "continue" at the end
      is repeated, overlapping itself a little.

      Keep trying!

      --Benji Fisher
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