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8354Re: Command-mode tab completion doesn't work, produces "^I" output

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  • Alex Payne
    Jul 2 5:16 PM
      With "set compatible" as the first line of my .vimrc I'm able to tab-
      complete command names in command mode but not filesystem paths.

      On Jul 2, 12:44 pm, Nico Weber <nicolaswe...@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > > When attempting to tab-complete paths and commands in command mode in
      > > the latest build of MacVim, the expected behavior does not happen.
      > > Instead, every press of the tab key outputs "^I" (ctrl-I), the
      > > equivalent to the tab key.  Nothing in my .vimrc or .gvimrc remaps
      > > this key.
      > this is usually the result of running in vi-compatible mode. What's  
      > the output of `:set compatible?`? (should be 'nocompatible'). Put `set  
      > compatible` as first line into your .vimrc to fix this.
      > HTH,
      > Nico
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