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8298Re: MacVim inline patch

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  • Kaoru YOSHIDA
    Jun 29 6:05 PM
      Hi Björn,

      On 2008/06/27, at 1:49, björn wrote:

      > 2008/6/26 Kaoru YOSHIDA <to.kaoru@...>:
      >> Thank you for your suggestions. I think I could manage to fix
      >> the first and second issues with the attached patch. At least,
      >> both Japanese characters and an umlaut are displayed correctly
      >> in my environment. So, could you please check and merge the
      >> patch if acceptable?
      > Thank for the updated patch. I found some more issues:
      > 1. When you type the marked text is underlined and when you "exit
      > marked text mode" e.g. by hitting Enter the underline should disappear
      > but it does not (it did with the previous patch you sent so this is
      > new). It does disappear when you type new marked text or exit insert
      > mode so this is not a major issue but can you figure out why it
      > changed all of a sudden (and change it back)?
      > 2. This I noticed in the previous patch too but forgot to mention: the
      > underline is "too low" so that it seems to go over the next row
      > slightly. This may be because of two issues: (i) the baseline is too
      > low (there may be a Cocoa call to adjust this, not sure), (ii) given a
      > (row,column) pair you convert by multiplying with the "cell size" but
      > you must also add the "text container inset" (use the method
      > textContainerInset). (This variable controls how much space there is
      > around the text view.) The second problem is more serious, just try
      > setting the user default MMTextInsetTop to something big: e.g.
      > defaults write org.vim.MacVim MMTextInsetTop 10
      > and you'll see what I mean.
      > I'd be very grateful if you could fix these problems and send me a new
      > patch. Sorry for forgetting to mention the second issue in my last
      > email. :-/

      Sorry for bothering you several times...
      I hope the attached patch fixed the above two issues, so could
      you please take a look at the patch? And do you think there are
      other configurations I should check whether the patch works?
      If that is the case, I'll test it.



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