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8237Re: MacVim inline patch

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  • björn
    Jun 24, 2008
      2008/6/23 kaoru <to.kaoru@...>:
      > On 2008/06/22, at 20:55, björn wrote:
      >> Here are some things that I noticed:
      >> 1. Marked text is always assumed to output wide characters. This may
      >> be true when inputting Japanese, but if I for example hit Alt-u on an
      >> English keyboard the marked text that appears is an umlaut which
      >> should not be wide.
      > Ben also mentioned to this issue at his past post, but I didn't
      > understand what the issue was at the time. Since I use Japanese
      > keyboard and Alt-u doesn't cause the marked text with the keyboard.
      > I mean, I can type "ö" without the marked text in my environment.
      > But, I now understand what the issue is, so let me see whether
      > I can find some solution.
      >> 2. The insert mode cursor keeps blinking in the background as marked
      >> text is being entered. Also, there is no cursor "inside" the marked
      >> text. (Note that when you've entered some marked text you can move
      >> around inside it with the arrow keys, but since there is no cursor it
      >> is a bit hard to know where you are.) My code has the same problems,
      >> but maybe you can fix this?
      > Yes, I always have a difficulty to find out where I'm now inside
      > the marked text. I'll try to fix it even though I'm not sure whether
      > I can do it right now.

      The first problem should be as easy as not drawing the insertion point
      when there is marked text (add to the "if (...)" statement in line 471
      in MMTextView.h). Or, if you draw the insertion point _after_ drawing
      the marked text and updating its position so that it is at the right
      place in the marked text you should be able to deal with both problems
      at once. Well, that's just an idea.

      > Thank you for going to merge my patch! I'll continue working
      > on these issues and try to provide a better solution. But again,
      > I'm quite a beginner of Cocoa programming as I said at my first
      > post, it would be great if you modify the patch to fit your or
      > Cocoa programming style.

      Do you think you can send me a new patch with the above problems fixed
      before I merge?


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