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8193Re: MacVim inline patch

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  • björn
    Jun 20, 2008
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      2008/6/20 kaoru <to.kaoru@...>:
      > I wrote a patch to fix a drawing issue at the very
      > edge of a window. And I remembered one more reason
      > why I would prefer to using "inline" style rather
      > than "pop-up" style. If I move a MacVim's main window
      > while typing characters with the pop-up style Input Method,
      > the pop-up window keeps its location even I can move the
      > main window. I know this is quite a tiny issue and such a
      > situation seldom occurs, though.
      > You can see the screenshot of the patched version's MacVim at
      > http://ozexp.blogspot.com/2008/06/macvim-input-method-2.html.
      > Characters with underline are drawn by the Input Method.
      > Basically, what the patch actually does is to use
      > "NSAttributedString" istead of "NSTextField" for the Input
      > Method. Most parts of the patch are related to the replacement.
      > For other parts, I added some comments to the source to clarify
      > what I intended to do.

      Thanks Kaoru, I will take a look at your patch soon. In the meantime:
      how does it work when there is already some text behind the cursor
      instead of when you have a new buffer as in your screenshot? Will it
      just draw on top of any other characters? Does it redraw properly
      after the "inline text" disappears?

      I thought I'd ask in case you hadn't already considered this issues;
      I'll have a look myself when I get a chance.


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