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8184Re: MacVim inline patch

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  • kaoru
    Jun 19, 2008

      I wrote a patch to fix a drawing issue at the very
      edge of a window. And I remembered one more reason
      why I would prefer to using "inline" style rather
      than "pop-up" style. If I move a MacVim's main window
      while typing characters with the pop-up style Input Method,
      the pop-up window keeps its location even I can move the
      main window. I know this is quite a tiny issue and such a
      situation seldom occurs, though.

      You can see the screenshot of the patched version's MacVim at
      Characters with underline are drawn by the Input Method.

      Basically, what the patch actually does is to use
      "NSAttributedString" istead of "NSTextField" for the Input
      Method. Most parts of the patch are related to the replacement.
      For other parts, I added some comments to the source to clarify
      what I intended to do.



      On 2008/06/19, at 10:42, kaoru wrote:

      > On 2008/06/18, at 17:43, björn wrote:
      >> Does your "inline" approach work even if the cursor is on the very
      >> edge of the window? Does it wrap the text or does it draw outside
      >> the
      >> window, or what?
      > Björn,
      > That's the good question.
      > Since I seldom type characters at the very edge of the window,
      > I haven't realized how it works. The result, so far, is that
      > nothing is drawn at the edge of the window even I continue typing.
      > It looks like characters already typed are stored to a memory,
      > so this is only a rendering issue. I think I've found a solution
      > for it, let me try to fix it. I think I can post a new patch later.
      > Thanks,
      > Kaoru

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