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801Re: Congratulation - spam alert!

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  • Sven Guckes
    Oct 30, 2002
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      * Benji Fisher <benji@...> [2002-10-30 13:04]:
      > On Wednesday, October 30, 2002, at 01:07 AM, Bram wrote:
      > >pages.pif is removed from here because it contains a virus.
      > [snip]
      > Probably not really from Bram.

      definitely not. unless Bram has recently been to taiwan:

      From: Bram <Bram@...>
      Message-Id: <200210300607.g9U67Ek15858@...>

      "tw", see?

      now, if there was some easy way to stop this spamming..

      Sven [still receiving dozens of spam
      every day at his vim.org address..]
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