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786Vim 6.1.206 on macvim.swdev.org

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  • Axel Kielhorn
    Oct 6, 2002
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      Hi all!

      Today I have uploaded a new version of Vim for Mac OS Classic to swdev.
      This version contains the "Hit return" patch and the PPC version
      contains a patch to enable printing.

      With this version you can now type :hardcopy >filename.ps to generate
      a PostScript file. If you set printexpr='' you can use the print
      command from the menu. It will generate a file called tmp0000001 or

      The resulting files can be viewes with MacGhostScript (shareware) or
      MacGSViewer (freeware). The later has problems with coloured text.
      If you have a PostScript desktop printer, you can simply drop the
      file onto the icon to print.

      The Mac Vim page is now at:
      macvim.swdev.org/OSX for MacOS X
      My e-mail address has changed to: macvim@...
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