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776Re: help file problems

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  • Kenichi Asai
    Sep 29 11:56 PM
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      Half a year ago:

      On Wed, Apr 17, 2002 at 10:05:43AM -0500,
      arigold@... wrote:

      > hello hello,
      > i was having trouble with an error message popping up whenever i started vim.
      > but this stopped after i put the vimrc file in the same folder as the page.
      > (maybe someone should correct this for the distribution, no?) the problem now
      > is that i cant access the help file, although it exists.. im running vim6.0.17
      > this is the error message i get:
      > E433: No tags file
      > E426: tag not found: help.txt
      > Hit ENTER or type command to continue
      > any ideas would be much appreciated as simpletext just isnt cutting it
      > anymore...

      The similar problem occured to me yesterday (after installing Vim
      5.8.9 on MacOS 9). It seems that the problem comes from the format of
      tags file (located in runtime:doc:tags). By default, it is in UNIX
      format, but after converting it to Mac format, I received no error
      message. But wasn't this problem solved long time ago? Or does the
      tags file still have to be in Mac format?


      Kenichi Asai
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