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7746Re: Hide MacVim After Last Window Closes

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  • björn
    Jun 3, 2008
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      2008/6/3 Ben Schmidt <mail_ben_schmidt@...>:
      > björn wrote:
      >> 2008/6/2 Edwin Shao <poleris@...>:
      >>> Is there anyway to hide MacVim after the last window closes or run
      >>> some sort of daemon to speed up the load time of MacVim?
      >>> It takes ~2 seconds to load a textfile when MacVim is not running and
      >>> ~.2 seconds when MacVim is already up, so I don't want to quit the
      >>> application. But at the same time, I would like it out of the way
      >>> after I'm done editing the last file. What would be the best way of
      >>> achieving this?
      >> I'm not sure exactly how you would accomplish this, but sending
      >> :maca hide:<CR>
      >> after you've finished editing the last file would hide MacVim without
      >> closing it. Maybe you could use this inside a mapping or an
      >> autocommand or something? Anybody else have any ideas how to do this?
      > A good idea, Björn, but it doesn't work, i.e.
      > au VimLeave * maca hide:
      > has no effect. Neither does
      > au VimLeavePre * maca hide:
      > Maybe both these autocommands fire after the connection to MacVim is already
      > closed. I guess for many autocommands that wouldn't matter, but it definitely
      > matters if you want to use :maca! Do you reckon that's changeable?
      > At any rate, if you can figure out why the above doesn't work and fix it, then it
      > would be easily achieveable with
      > au VimLeave * if len(split(serverlist(),"\n"))==1 | maca hide: | endif
      > i.e. when the last Vim server is closing, hide MacVim.
      > I can't think of any other way to do this at this stage without adding code to do
      > so to MacVim. The autocommand solution is nicer IMHO, if the :maca at VimLeave
      > time could be addressed.

      You may be right that the autocommand fires "too late"...I will look into it.


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