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7710Probably the wrong forum to ask - double click highlight and quick search

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  • Rick
    Jun 1, 2008
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      I'm sure this is more of a general gvim type of newebie question and I
      tried googling it but couldn't find hits on what I'm looking to do, so
      figured I'd ask here...

      I'm using MacVim and what I'd often like to do is highlight (often
      with the mouse, but sometimes in visual mode as well) a region of
      code. I know want to know the quickest way to search through the file
      for what I have highlighted? The way I do it now seems too slow... I
      end up doing a yank to clipboard and then do / (or ?) and ctrl-R and
      then " to paste the text and search for it. I guess the command line
      part isn't that bad but if I'm scrolling over a large file with the
      mouse I often find it quick and easy to just double-click on a word to
      highlight with the mouse. It would nice if I could then quickly search
      from what I have highlighted.


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