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733Re: Vim (Vi IMproved) for Mac OSX

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  • ewitness - Ben Fowler
    Sep 16, 2002
      At 9:14 am -0400 16/9/02, Gregory Seidman wrote:
      >ewitness - Ben Fowler sez:
      >} I am not up on the details of the non-gui MacOS vim, but if it doesn't
      >} use ansi, whilst I can't promise to eat a hat, I would be prepared
      >} to decapitate dentally a jelly baby of a less favoured hue.
      >I have found that the vim terminal setting that works best for Terminal.app
      >is builtin_beos-ansi.

      Assuming that when you say Terminal.app, you mean the same as src/vim, then the
      DEFAULT_TERMINAL setting in term.c is "dumb". If you want "beos-ansi" then
      we need a patch to term.c to accomplish this.


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